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Composer:  Charles Ives
  • Duration: 37:00
  • Instrumentation:  2-2-2-2(cbn ad lib); 4-2-3-1; timp; str 
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    Ives wrote: “The ‘First Symphony’ was written while [I was] in college. The first movement was changed. It (that is, the symphony) was supposed to be in D minor, but the first subject went through six or eight different keys, so [Horatio] Parker made me write another first movement. But it seemed no good to me, and I told him that I would much prefer to use the first draft. He smiled and let me do it, saying, ‘But you must promise to end in D minor.’ (And also he didn’t like the original slow movement, as it started on Gb said it should start in F. Near the end, ‘the boys got going’—so at the request of Parker and Kaltenborn I wrote a nice formal one—but the first is better!)”

    Ives's First Symphony was the last of his symphonies to be performed in concert--a 1953 performance in which Richard Bales' conducted the National Gallery Orchestra. It was also the last symphony to be recorded (with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Morton Gould in 1966).